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Yoni Steam
Coming July 2024


History of Yoni Steaming

The term “yoni” means “sacred place,” “womb,” and “vagina.” It is an ancient reference to the divine feminine and source of life giving. While the term Yoni symbolically refers to female genitalia, it also can provide benefits to males as well. It encourages a deeper bond with the divine energy that innately connects us more strongly to our intuitive bodies, nature, and the cycle of creation.

Yoni Steaming is a sacred practice with roots dating back to ancient China and Mayan culture, as well as other parts of the world. The experience nurtures the “sacred place” by soothing and quite often unblocking physical and/or emotional trauma that may be present. 

Benefits of Yoni Steaming

Frequent Yoni Steam sessions can provide a holistic healing and soothing experience that is unique to each individual. Yoni steam can provide support to the sacrum, pelvic floor area, and/or what is referred to as the “feminine crown.” Many women seek this service for managing menstruation issues, transitioning menopause symptoms, trauma healing, or simply seek to foster a stronger relationship with oneself. Yoni steam is a perfect start on whatever point of your journey you are in! 

With the help of supportive herbs, here are some of the possible benefits of intimate steaming:

  • Advanced support of the natural cleansing process of menstruation

  • Therapeutic soothing of hemorrhoids

  • Womb detoxification

  • Aid postpartum recovery

  • Calm yeast and UTI discomfort

  • Releasing of blocked energy

  • Soothe menopausal discomforts, such as dryness and irritation

  • Support the process of working through emotional or physical trauma

  • Deepen your bond with divine feminine energy

  • Stimulate and inspire creativity

  • Promotes a stronger relationship with Self Love


Important Yoni Steam Contraindications and Precautions


  • When pregnant or could be pregnant

  • After ovulation when trying to conceive

  • During menstruation or active bleeding (including spotting)

  • Individuals with an internal/active infection

  • Individuals with open sores

  • Women with any cervical, uterine, or ovarian inflammation

  • Women with an IUD

When in doubt, consult with your primary physician. 

O Beauty Services is NOT a medical or naturopathic doctor and does not dispense medical advise. If you feel or suspect that you may have a medical problem, contact your health care provider immediately. 


O Beauty Services is dedicated to provide you with a safe space for beauty, relaxation, and overall well being. Every precaution possible is taken to ensure your comfortable experience.

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