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We Love Our Clients!

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Client Profile:

Age: 37, Mom of Two

This amazing, super hero mom was feeling insecure about her mommy pouch and its elasticity. She wanted to work on lifting and tightening her tummy.

After ONE session, her progress is undeniable!  

Client Profile:

Age: 27, Real Estate Agent

This busy, working woman came to us after doing extensive research about how she can get rid of her stubborn tummy fat. She is a busy body who stays active on a daily basis, but suffers from bloating, constipation, and struggles to rid of her "pouch" despite clean dieting. We are proud to report that after her 2nd session, our client is down 2 inches!


Client Profile:

Age: 49, Bodywork Therapist

This client came to us with extremely problematic digestive issues, bloating, and stubborn tummy fat that just wouldn't go away despite exercise. With weekly ultrasonic cavitation sessions, in 8 weeks we were able to accomplish incredible results! Client is down 6.5 inches and her digestive issues have dramatically improved.

Client Profile:

Age: 38, Supervisor

This client suffers from Rosacea and dry skin. Because of the sensitivity of her skin condition, many professionals shy away from providing treatment. Luckily, here at OBS we are extremely familiar with how to provide the proper care and have right level of experience to help. The photos speak for themselves. Our client felt instant relief and was happy with the quality of her service.

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