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Skin Care / Full Body Waxing
& More!


At OBS, you will experience a totally new standard in service that is shaking up the beauty industry. Since the beginning of our journey, one thing has been clear: every single person is unique and is striving for a goal that is different from the next. No two stories are alike and we must LISTEN, understand, and customize each experience. The main focus here at OBS, has always been to aid in a overall well-being and assist our clients in achieving the most beautiful love....Self-Love. Each service provides a distinctive approach to match each client up with the right level of service, intensity, and/or combination of traditional and modern methods to achieve the desired results. We not only help you look great, but FEEL YOUR BEST!

Boho Style Bedroom


Located @ Joseph Lamar Glam Studios

1404 W Magnolia Blvd

Burbank, CA 91506, USA


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